Friday, August 28, 2009

Welcome to our family

Natalia and William

Looks so much like his daddy

Big feet just like his Papa
We are over joyed to have him in our lives. I still can't believe he was in my belly just last week.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

William Nasser Everett

Our baby has arrived and boy was it an experience to remember. Can I just say, Kent and I made a darn cute baby but of course every mom says that about their babies. Will was born 1 day before his actual due date which is great since my mom can only be with us for this week and I wanted her to be apart of this.
We met with Doctor Dewey Sunday night around 10:30pm to get a quick check up and discuss our options for birth. That night I began having mild contractions but frequent at around 2am. I woke Kent up at around 3am so that he could help me count them. As soon as he help me up from the bed, my water broke.
We got things ready and left for the hospital. Since we had already preregistered, getting a room was not a problem. The contractions began to get stronger and frequent but it wasn't something I couldn't handle. Having Kents support made all the difference. At around 8am or so i was checked to see if I had dilated. I was only at 2. The Doctor was called and he requested I be put on Pitocin to speeds things up seeing as I only had a 24 hour window. As soon as I was put on that, I requested the epidural and it made wonders. I got the epidural at around 9am. I was dilated to a 4 by 10am and by 1:30pm I was fully dilated. I began what is called rest and descend (which is allowing the contractions to push baby) at 2:24pm and started the actual pushing closer to 3pm. Finally at 4:14pm William was born. He is a healthy calm baby. The only problem he encounter was the swallowing a small amount of the amniotic fluid which was pumped out and later he was brought back to us. We went home on wednesday 8/26.
He is such a blessing in our lives. We are so happy to be parents. We are truly humbled knowing he chose us to teach him and prepare him for this life.
Birth is an amazing thing. I cannot express what i felt when he was placed on me seconds after he was born.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Almost to the finish line...

38 weeks
Its been awhile since I last posted on the pregnancy. Thankfully we are both healthy as can be and growing!!! As you can see I'm huge...
My entire body is swollen and I'm TIRED of it. I think this week will be my last week of working because I'm not getting the sleep I need during the night. I'm starting to get many aches and pains. We went to the Doctors today and found out I'm dilated to a 1. Things are starting to soften. Williams already in the right position and since he is pretty big, there is no chance of him moving to a different spot. YAY. I can't believe my due date is in 2 weeks. Its still a pretty good chance that I will go over but I'm trying to stay as positive as I can. To help speed things up, Kent and I go on walks every night around our neighborhood and I'm trying to drink plenty of water to help me with water retention and swelling. We are so anxious to meet him and hope these days go by soon.
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