Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm sick. no I'm ill. no I feel like I'm dying!  It all started last Thursday. The weather is changing and people at the office have been sick and now its my turn.  Kent took me to the Emergency room this morning. After waiting in the room with the machine that goes PING! we found out that I have viral infection (FLU like symptoms) which somehow from my sinus spread to my right eye. gross. I woke up this morning around 6:30 am with a swollen eye covered in yucky eye booger/mucus substance. I now have to stay home until the infection goes away and then its back to work. At least we got to wait around the expensive PING! machine.  
Last time I was sick like this was when I was little. No wonder I feel like a sissy. My body is under attack and my army of white cells have decided to go on vacation for 9 months. I can't complain much. All i have to do is sit around and be sick while my husband does all the work. I couldn't ask for a better man. Kent has been my strength. He loves me unconditionally and everyday that I am with him he demonstrates that. Heavenly Father sent him to watch over me and he is doing a great job at that.  Poor guy hasn't slept much and doesn't complain.  He'll be a good daddy. 
Monday I went to work after not sleeping at all the night before. I felt so weak. My throat felt like it was closing in by the end of the night. I should have stayed home to rest. Due to the pregnancy there is not much you can take. Which means I have to tough it out and just let it run its coarse. My Doctor prescribed an antibiotic, Tylenol and luck. woohoo!!! 
Thankfully William is doing great. I feel him moving around.  He is not even born yet and already he's a good boy! I'm so thankful that I haven't had any complications. I hope this will pass soon and I can get back to work.  
In the mist of all this, 2 weeks ago our car broke down. no worries, we are getting one soon! We have an amazing family and friends helping us out. I get rides to work everyday and just this past weekend our good friends the Chung's lend us their extra car for this week. With it we were able to go to the Doctor. blessings!  
Yay! Kent's home from school and ooh! he brought me a Jamba Juice. 

Thursday, March 19, 2009


On Monday we had our long anticipated visit to the Doctor's office to find out the sex of the baby. We almost didn't go because of car troubles. But, thanks to some kind friends, we were able to get there and get home. 
It seemed like we waited for the doctor forever to finally join us in the office. Nassari spent the time trying to find a comfortable way to lay down, while I read some crap about how Jessica Simpson doesn't care that she's fat or whatever. One thousand years later Dr. Dewey came in and was all business. He flipped on a machine here, squirted some jelly there and... 
There IS a baby in there! He's good lookin' like his mother. That picture is the best one. You can see the head, the rib cage and an arm over the head. I've never been able to tell what was what in these pictures. But, when I finally saw it moving, it was way easier to see what we were looking at. And this is what we were looking for:
Now that we know it's a he I can stop calling him the zygote and the parasite. We are very pleased to be having a bouncing baby boy. We've already got a pair of footy pajamas from a friend of Nassari's mom. It's blue and has dogs on it and says, "I love hugs!" and "My daddy loves me!" It was a gift you guys, so be cool.
So, you might be wondering, "Are you guys thinking of names?" and the answer is, "Of course we are!" We really like the first name, William, so what we really have is a long list of middle names. Some of those names are Gael, Galen, Gustavo (I like the nickname Stavo), Cole, Tate, Scott, and Thor. And no, we're not kidding about the last one. Imagine him looking like this...
...except more brown and with darker hair. That's my boy! Although, I would settle for this:
If little Thor called for me, I'd fight his battles for him. 
We're not dead set on that name, so if anybody has any suggestions (be they real or just funny) we'll take them. That's all for now!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Who watches the Watchmen? We do apparently.

So, Watchmen. I kinda have mixed feelings about that movie. Me and the Mrs. were amongst those who saw the film on its opening day. We caught the 8:15 show, but we didn't end up leaving the house until 8:00. I thought for sure that we weren't gonna find good seats and that the place would be packed. Somehow we managed to drive through a time warp on the way and magically walked into the theater around 8:11. Lo and behold, the theater was only half full and we got great seats. 
Watchmen is not for everyone. I liked it. In fact, there were some parts about it that I liked quite a lot. But I have to be honest and say that if I hadn't already read the graphic novel beforehand, I don't think I would have liked it very much. The violence was pretty graphic. Dr. Manhattan makes people blow up a lot, and the prison riot is kinda intense. The funny thing about the violence though is that I think the part where the audience made the most audible gasps was when Nite Owl and Silk Spectre break all the muggers' arms and legs. Bones crunching and popping out of the skin is apparently worse than exploding people. 
What bothered me the most about the film was the sex scene. Ridiculously long and gratuitous. I think Nassari was right when she said it was for the nerdy fan boys who will never get any action in real life. For something that only takes a few panels in the novel, I don't see why it had to play for like, a minute AND be in slow motion. It was the biggest drawback of the film for me. Now about Dr. Manhattan's nakedness: people need to get over that, man. What, are we in the 4th grade? I heard some people say it made them feel awkward. Why? It's not sexual. It's like National Geographic nudity, or what I call "science nudity." And it's not even real nudity! It's CG nudity! And the guy is blue (please, no blue b---s jokes. It's just too easy. So let's all move on, shall we?)! The point is, I feel like the naked Dr. Manhattan is no big deal. Moving on...
There were some aspects of the film that I really enjoyed. The performances were fantastic. Jackie Earle Haley was so great as Rorschach. The last scene with him was amazing. I loved it in the novel, but it was even better in the film. Come to think of it, every scene with Rorschach was great. Billy Crudup was great too. It's also just very cool to see something that you've
imagined moving in your head come to life. It was very pretty. It was "a little 3oo," as my friend said. But it was very pretty.
One of the main criticisms of the film is that it's confusing. If I hadn't read Watchmen before, I think I would have agreed. As a fan of the novel, I loved how much they actually put into the film. But, it's a bit much for anyone that doesn't know anything about the Watchmen universe, or even comic books in general. One of the reasons that it's so great is because it plays with the conventions of comic books. The average Joe may not be aware of any of that, so if you haven't read much in the way of comics, then you might not catch some of that. To sum things up, if you are already familiar with the novel, and you like it, then you will like the film. If not, we can't really recommend it to you.

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