Tuesday, February 23, 2010

6months Old

playing in his playpen while I clean
He tried oatmeal cereal with peach puree. He was not impressed.
I made cupcakes last Saturday for a baby shower.
I got the perfect frosting glaze by melting the frosting in
the microwave for about 5 sec. Then I dipped the cupcake into
the bowl of frosting for a smooth finish. let it sit to cool off. Its that easy.
Try it and let me know how it goes!

A night to remember...

You are Cordially invited to attend the
Jane Austen Ball...

I am super excited for this. I have never done this sort of thing before. there will be carriage rides, Dance instructions, Dinner, free pictures and Parlor games.
Kent and I found our costumes here. I thought for sure it would be expensive.
The total amount we spent was $65. great deal!
The Ball will be held at the Sleepy Ridge Club house in Orem.

We shall post pictures this weekend!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Nasser lately...

I can't believe how fast Will is growing! He is almost 6 months old.
Here are a few things he has been doing.

He loves to chew on his thumbs
He can roll on his tummy and tries to move his legs
but he gets no where
He has been getting super good at grabbing objects .
He is sitting up with out our assistance .
He still sleeps through the night.
He will eat sweet potato, carrots and applesauce but he doesn't like the taste. That's ok, he still has time to learn.
He's still being breastfed.
I tried giving him formula 3 weeks ago so that he could go to class with Kent while I went with Kari (Kent's cousin) to a movie, but he would have it. I guess I'll have to be breastfeeding him till he's closer to one. I wish he would take it once in a while, then I could have a little more free time. But, I know I shouldn't complain. Its good for him and me.
Oh how I love this kid!
He is around 15lbs now and 26 in longs

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Be my Valentine?

This weekend I got to spend it with my 2 favorite people.
Saturday Kent took me to Happy Sumo ( he knows how much I love sushi), walked around Riverwoods and watched The Princess and the Frog. cute movie. Sunday He and I prepared a wonderful dinner. In keeping with our tradition. We made meatloaf. We tried a different recipe that we got from Williams-Sonoma. A strawberry, spinach, almond salad with balsamic vinaigrette and mashed potatoes.
It was a wonderful night.
Also, we got new callings 2 weeks ago in our Spanish Ward. Besides from being primary teachers, Kent is a cub scout master and I was called to be the Primary music teacher. It was been so much fun planning ways to make singing time so much fun. We love our primary and are sad to think that we will be living that ward when Kent graduates.

Friday, February 5, 2010

A Love Like This

A love like Carl's and Ellie's is what
I've always dreamed of having. Now I do!

I am always amazed by Pixar and their storytelling skills. Take this montage for example. There's no dialogue or even sound effects, yet it STILL manages to get you completely invested in the story. And there's tears every time we watch it. And this is like, only in the first 10 minutes or so into the movie! We also thought it was appropriate to post because of the coming Valentines Day. I hope you husbands and boyfriends have already ordered your flowers and chocolates.


(make sure to scroll down and pause the music)
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