Friday, July 30, 2010

Happy Birthday MOM!!!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful mother! Hope you had a wonderful bday on friday with the fam at La Jolla Shores. Wish we were there!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Yesterday today and probably tomorrow I will be frustrated.  Frustrated that our lives are on stand by. frustrated that everything is out of my control. Frustrated with Craigslist, KSL, Monster, and every other job search engine out there. Frustrated that we KNOW and feel we should live in Utah having no job leads are making it VERY uneasy. Frustrated with myself for not being optimistic but i need to vent. Tired of waiting, waiting, and waiting!!!! Here we thought we had it all planned out back in April. 
Started out with Plan we are at Plan Z.
good night.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

2 year anniversary

This year went by super fast!!! Today is Pioneer Day in Utah. Its a big deal. fireworks even. We have some fun things planned today. 
Happy Anniversary to my best friend! In the short 2 years we have learned so much together. Thank you for always believing in me and helping me be better each day. thank you for honoring the priesthood and for taking me to the Temple to be sealed to you and our children 2 years ago today.  William is so blessed to have you as a father.
Can't wait to go to Park City and walk down center street and reminisce our first kiss back in 2007. I love you!  
PS: if you are reading this, could you buy me a apple pie Carmel apple from here
Te Amo!
(if you are asking yourself what this means, its nothing. William stood up next to me and starting tapping on the keyboard)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

first fondant cake

I love Make it and Love it. I have tried many of the tutorials on her website. last week I made a pillow from this tutorial. Last night I decorated a cake with homemade fondant. This is the tutorial if anyone is interested. super easy and cheap!!! I used my own tools and cookie cutters.
I made a 2 layer red velvet cake with vanilla frosting and raspberry filling. It was delicious!!!
Sorry for the quality of the picture. my camera is broken and we are using our phones.
Also, I found fabric for $1 at Walmart. Its way cheaper to make your own decorations then to buy then. wouldn't you agree?
Oh and I made my own cake stand. I will post the tutorial another day but it was super cheap!! less then $3 total!!!

And this is my perfect creation of all!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


It was my birthday July 16th. Kent got me Pride and Prejudice in Blu-ray from Deep Discount.  Awhile back he also got me a spa package for Sassy in Lindon. I get 4 spa appointments. I went on my birthday and had an amazing facial. this week before our 2nd anniversary i am getting my hands and feet done and massaged. Next week a full body massage.  all this for less then $40! Good job babe!
He later took me to Sweet Tooth Fairy and bought me my favorite red velvet cup cake. we drove to SLC and walked around the states capital. I love that area. I wish I had a house on that hill!!!  After wards we ate at Frida Bistro downtown SLC. such great food! after walking around at the Gateway and checking out my favorite stores( here and here) we went over to the Arregui's for a short visit. My sweet friend Janel made me a delicious birthday cake. Thank you Scott and Janel! We love you guys.
On Sunday we went over to Kent's uncles house (Mike). we love being part of their family. Aunt Pam made a delicious dinner and Cortney made a delicious strawberry shortcake. thank you guys! I feel so loved by you all!!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

*happy birthday jenny*

we love you!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

long over due update

It feels like forever since i last blog. As you know Kent graduated in April and we moved out of our lovely (first home) on the 30th of that month. it was bitter sweet. we had many first in that little house. it was perfect. We moved in to Del Coronado Apt in May as apt. managers. this has been an interesting experience. we are learning so much.  We don't have to pay for rent just utilities. I can't believe how cheap Utah is!!! Gas and electric cost us less then $40. wow. CA doesn't even come close. We manage 20 apts and it feels like almost everyone here had moved out and we are trying to get them all rented. AHHH! it has been stressful. Kent has applied to many and i mean MANY jobs, here and outside of Utah. All of the planned production work has canceled here in Utah and getting a job in the Provo area has become nearly impossible. the good thing is that if he works more then 15 hours in maintenance at the apts, he gets paid for.

He still has yet to hear back from Pixar, Disney Studios, some companies in Carlsbad and ESPN in North Carolina. HE even applied to the Church as a Production Assistant and hasn't heard back. Justin, Kent's cousin who works for the church said it takes about a month or so to get a call back and then a few weeks to go though interviews. 
If we stay in Utah then i will be going back to school to get a bachelor's in Dental Hygiene. Have I ever mentioned how much I love to work with teeth?!! I do. I am obsessed with having clean and healthy teeth. after all a good sign that you are healthy comes from your mouth. so, check a cleaning and check up every 6 months!!

so hear we are learning to be patient and hopeful. its not easy but I am so grateful to have Kent by my side and be the wonderful patriac that he is. We are so blessed to have the families that we do that love us and support us. 

Wish us luck that we may get a call soon. 

Below are some more late post of our San Diego trip back in May.
thanks for Stopping by.
feel free to leave a comment even if you are just visiting. :)

mission beach

As soon as we arrived to San Diego in May, we went  straight to the beach. I love the Pacific Ocean.

we checked out the new SD Mormon Battalion

For FHE we checked out the renovated Mormon Battalion in Old Town. If you haven't visited, GO CHECK IT OUT!!! Its so cool.
What a great night we had with my extended family.
Kent and have decided that our dream home will look similar to this building.

one time we walk a puppy...

Kent and I took Will to Grossmont Center and walk a Westie. It was fun for me but Kent was super annoyed at the dog. Will enjoyed it for the first 5 mins and then whinnied the whole time.
This is as close as we get to taking care of an animal. Neither one of us grow up with pets and if we ever do get a pet, it would probably be a chocolate Lab. just saying. :)


Our Cabrillo day trip back in May.

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