Monday, September 13, 2010

{nothing stopping him now}

William is growing up so fast, seriously i can't handle it.  He is extremely independent. He doesn't like to be feed. He likes to feed himself. He eats everything and by everything I mean paper and carpet. well, not so much anymore but for a while I though we had a little goat in our hands.  He loves helping me in the kitchen. When he sees me cleaning in there he quickly walks over to the nearest cabinet or drawer and begins to take everything out of it. He makes the funniest faces and loves to give kisses.
I was affraid that he would be a picky eater but the only thing he doesn't like eating is pureed meats/chicken. he hates it. i don't blame him but give him pieces of chicken with curry and mole and he devours it. thats my boy.
I am so in love with him especially when he climbs on top and gives me a big kiss on my face.  
He loves my pink blanket. he can't sleep without it. My dear Mother made me that about 10 years ago. Its cute that he is obsessed with that blanket but hey, that's mine!!! :) 

By the way, he loves his daddy so SO much and I do too!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

{no place like home}

Summer 2010 was a tough season for us.  It was full of uncertainty. But, we got through it.  We moved to a new place in Provo.
Here are some decorations we have worked on that were super cheap!
i can't find my camera, its probably still in a box. I took this with my phone so I apologize for the bad quality. :)
This is a dresser that we got for free from a neighbor. we are still contemplating which color to paint it.  I want a fun bright color and Kent thinks it would be great to prime it with black and finish it with white. We will see...

Thursday, September 2, 2010

I'm a MaryKay Beauty Consultant!!!!

that's right friends, I am a beauty consultant and its SO MUCH FUN!!!!
I am hosting some amazing and fun parties this month. 
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