Thursday, September 26, 2013

One time we were movie stars on a red carpet.....

We went to a movie night event at the airport in Provo. It was an inauguration night. Provo to LA! 

Here are some fun pictures of the free event. Will was camera shy because well, he doesn't do well in big crowds. But how else is he going to learn tolerance and how to have fun, right? 
I grabbed this pictures from Provo Mayor dot com

Monday, September 2, 2013

Sam is the Man

( pretty proud of his work)

Time for another update on my Samo, Sammy, Sammy Sosa, Sam, Samurai and Samuel L Jackson.
Sam is a little over a year now. 13 months.
 This kid cracks me up.
 He is nothing like his brother.
But also he is exactly like his brother in that they are just so sweet and loving.

He walks! I was not ready for that. I was hoping to have a few more months but just like his older brother, they got the walking thing down and there is no stopping him.
He talks so much.
He repeats everything he hears ( just like his daddy)
Here are some words he says with no problem

              hi ( waves)
oh oh

 When he drinks anything he always goes ( ahh) so cute.
on command he gives kisses, hugs every stuffed animal he sees oh and his big brother.
He loves to dance and shake his head.

He loves to feed himself. 
He usually uses a fork and drinks from a regular cup too.

He is such a character. 
He makes the funniest faces and his pretend laugh is awesome.

He sleeps all night long. from 8pm to 8:30am. yeah, i know. 
I really lucked out on this one.

He is still nursing but he is slowly weaning himself. I love that about my boys. 
They know when to stop.
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