Friday, January 28, 2011

{he makes me smile}

We rearranged our living room and changed our pictures around. William wanted to join in and started stacking these picture frames. He was very proud of himself. we are proud of him too.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

{Will at 17 months}

 Baby W
  • he loves to make mommy and daddy kiss.
  • He is teething like crazy and its driving ME crazy. He has 12 teeth and 4 braking thru (canines) which has caused his recent cold and diaper rash.
  • He loves to watch Toy Story movies! we borrowed our sister in laws TS3 and we watch it at least once a day. we can quote that movie. William gets way into it sometimes.
  • he loves Woody. 
  • he loves puppies
  • he loves cheese, milk, animal crackers, bread, banana shakes, panko breaded tilapia, and bananas.
  • he is not a big fan of pizza spaghetti and sometimes mac n cheese.
  • he can say Ma, Pa baby, hi, say cheese, leche (milk) tres (three)  and he whines a lot for everything else.
  • he is starting to recognize the word time out and knows when he is in trouble when I count to three.
  • when I start counting he says "tres"...
  • we have a baby gate for the kitchen since he throws everything away and sometimes we find him under the sink.
  • he loves bath time
  • he loves to dance to Mickey Mouse Club.
  • He loves to talk on the phone.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

{new year resolutions}

Mr. K and Mrs N needs and wants of 2011

 Mrs. N wants to make homemade bread every week
They need to watch less television but not on Mondays, Wednesdays or Thursdays. 
(too many great shows to pass on...)
They need to cook meals with quinoa every week
 they need to drink more water
 They  need/want another baby
Mr. K goal is to start school in the Fall
Mary Kay parties for Mrs. N
They need exercise more
Mrs. N wants to sew more
They want to eat more fruits and vegetables
They NEED to attend the temple more often 
Mr. K wants to finish a screenplay he has been working on
Mrs. N NEEDS more Anthropologie bowls and maybe a tablecloth...

Friday, January 14, 2011

{one time I made believe I was a hairdresser}

this is what happens when I do...

{better late then never}

Here are some pictures i took on Christmas day.

matching shirts! haha.
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