Monday, May 28, 2012

   8 months pregnant!
Sam you are just getting fat by the minute. 
Doctor says you are going to be BIG! and thinks I shouldn't go past my due date because of that. 
Mommy has only gained 30lbs. REALLY?!
 I feel like I have gained more then that. But the scale doesn't lie. 
I am measuring right at 32 weeks. With your brother I was always measuring way bigger every time I had an appt. 
But with you, I am always right on track. 
You have 8 more weeks or so to get all plump as you want. 
Just don't abuse it.
Mommy is getting tried of picking up after your brother. 
There are toys everywhere. 
Mommies biggest pet peeve is seeing toys in the living room. 
I am learning to just embrace the mess and pick it up at the end of the day. 
I am so happy we are almost at the finish line. 
Although I get tired easily, I am feeling really good. I have so much energy in the morning and that is a huge blessing. by the time daddy comes home from work, I am ready for bedtime. 
When Will naps, I nap. 
The belly is growing and growing. 
I can't reach my feet or see them anymore.
I have heartburn everyday and now I can't sleep at nights.  
Bending down to change Will's diaper is becoming impossible. 
I'm living in skirts and stretchy yoga pants these days oh and sandals. 
Ice and water are my favorite treat everyday. 

Friday, May 25, 2012

First family hike

yup, I went on a hike at 31 weeks pregnant. It sounds like something you should avoid while pregnant but the Canyon we hiked in was not bad at all. It was super easy. In fact, if the weather is nice this up coming week, we might do it again. William loved it. We spotted different types of birds, insects and even animal poop. We left early in the morning while the weather was not too hot.  If you haven't already, I encourage you to visit Rock Canyon. Its just north of the Provo Temple.

Afterwards we went over to Provo Bakery and bought fresh bread for making sandwiches. ok maybe we got some delicious donuts too.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

oh boy I feel huge!
It doesn't help that I am only 5'2 and have a small torso. 
You move around as if you have lots of room. 
I hope you are enjoying your stay in there cuz come July, 
you are out of there. :-) 
I have taken up residency on our living room couch and even that is not helping me feel comfortable. 
I guess that only means that your arrival is coming soon.
This summer is going to be busy! 
Mommy is trying to figure out how she is going to take care of you and your brother while daddy is at work. 
I will be needing lots of help from above!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sam, 10 or so more weeks and we get to meet you!!! as bubba would say "Wahoo"
Daddy has been working on our garden this week. 
Today he left bright and early to work on it.  We start planting tomorrow and I am so excited.
its our first time and so far its going well. a sister in the ward is letting 3 couples use her yard. 
this week we are taking it easy. Its getting hot and mommy gets swollen pretty fast when she is outside for too long.
Your brother has been sleeping so well this week. lets hope this is a permanent thing.  Your brother has always had a hard time sleeping straight through the night.
you on the other hand sleep during the night but as soon as I wake up in the morning you are ready to kick and move around. 

I passed my glucose test with flying colors. I am so relieved.  

The water parks are opening up soon! We are excited to be spending all summer in the water. 
Daddy and Mommy miss San Diego during this time of year. 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

I Love My Mothers

I just turned 28 this week, and getting older sucks. However, there are some great things that come with the passage of time.

As a kid, Mothers Day was a special day to honor my mom and grandmas. My mom is amazing. I think she has a style all her own when it comes to rearing kids. And I have been immensely blessed by her. She taught me correct principles and let me govern myself (and "mom guilt" as we like to call it, didn't hurt either in keeping me in line). She is the best decision my dad has ever made. She's also a grandma now. As a mom, she's in a league of her own, but as a grandma she's whatever it is that comes after being in your own league. Her grandkids are beyond spoiled and loved. Today, I humbly honor her.

As a teenager in my Young Men's group I was taught by my dad and church leaders that Mothers Day is a great to honor all women. Today I do.

As a missionary, I came to know and love some of the sisters in the branches and wards where I served. They knew my own mother had to give me up to serve the Lord, and so they took it upon themselves to treat me as a son. Those sisters will always hold a very special place in my heart, and today I honor them.

As a son-in-law, I gained yet another mother that I love, and I know she loves me. She made my wife the woman that she is, and in a moment you'll read how important that is to me. I honor her today.

As an older brother, I'm proud of the little sister that gives so much to empower kids and love them more than a lot of their own mothers do. She's into the tough love, but she has just so much of it that there's no mistake that love is exactly what it is. My kids are lucky to have their "crazy aunt." I honor her today.

As a new uncle, I get to see my lovely and ├╝ber talented sister do what she does best. Be a mommy to my gorgeous and adorable little niece. She's way good at it, and today I honor her soft and beautiful heart.

Sunday can be a bit stressful sometimes. Will doesn't like to sit still, and so sacrament meeting turns into non stop standing, sitting, and running. Needless to say, I can get pretty frustrated. Today I had to take Will outside and put him in time out for hitting and screaming at me as they passed around the water. It was super awesome. Anyway, after a few minutes of calming down, we rejoined his mother in the back of the meeting. Toys and Oreos distracted him for another ten minutes or so, and then he was off like a shot. I think I probably growled as I started to stand to go after him. But then my sweet wife calmly put her hand on my arm and said, "I got him." Then, she being completely full of baby, slowly rose to her feet and walked toward William. As usual, he had a devilish grin and he was ready to race. I was ready to race, but Nassari simply looked at Will, put a finger to her lips and let out a quiet, "shhhh." Then, she folded her arms and walked toward the door. Will did the very same.

I'm in awe of my wife's capacity to love. I'm in awe of her ability to teach. I'm in awe of her willingness to sacrifice. I'm in awe of her. She is the best decision I've ever made. Today, as a husband and a father, I honor my wife above all. Our family is so blessed to have her at it's core. I love you so much, Nassari.

Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mother's Day! 

Wishing my sweet mother and also to my wonderful mother in law a wonderful Mother's day. I learn from their examples and hope to be a mother like they are to me. 

I am so grateful to be a mother and for the lessons I am taught each and everyday. some days are harder then others but its all worth it.   

Friday, May 11, 2012

Samuel, its Daddy's birthday today! 
Mommy is feeling bigger and heavier. Its harder to chase your big brother around. 
Daddy helps mommy so much and sometimes wonders how she got to be so lucky to find such an amazing man.
This week has been super busy for us. We took your brother to a petting zoo, dinosaur museum and we celebrated daddy's birthday. 
Dad thinks mommy is crazy because I can never sit still. I am always rearranging or organizing some room, closet or drawer.  hey, I am just in a nesting phase.
I am constantly picking up after your brother. I think I need to just come to terms that our living room will never be toy free.
Will is such a big helper. He loves to help with laundry, dishes and mopping. I love that he finds it exciting. 
Can't wait to see him help you.
We are planting a few things at a neighbors yard this year. we are super excited to garden. its our first time.  
You love to move around and kick all the time. and I love it. 
I took the Glucose test this week and that orange cold flat stuff   always makes me feel ill. 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Here's our latest ultrasound picture of Samuel!

I love this little boy so much. I can't believe that in 10 weeks this little guy will be in my arms.
I love how much he moves around when Will is around me. He is defiantly going to be use to some loud sound in our home.

He is growing big and strong. I love hearing his little heart beat every time we go in to Dr. Dewey's office.  Sam, you have the cutest nose and eyes and feet!

William loves kissing my belly and saying hi to the baby every day. He is going to be a great big brother.

the first 2 picture show that he is defiantly a boy. Dr. Dewey marked it with a white X  
and the last one is of his hand and arm. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

First time at a petting zoo

I found a great deal on Groupon  to Hee Haw Farms in Pleasant Grove. I have been trying to find a petting zoo for quit sometime now and when I came across this deal, i couldn't resist. 
We fed the goats and sheep, went on a hay ride, saw a mommy pig feeding 8 little piglets, we pet a calf, chased some bunnies and chickens, rode a pony, and rode on an animal train. 

A little baby goat was super excited to be fed and put his front feet on Will's chest and it freaked him out.  We tried feeding the goats  a little later on and he did so much better. Wish I could have taken a picture of him freaking out. It was funny. 

you might want to turn down the volume before you watch it. I was took close to the microphone.....

Friday, May 4, 2012

Will is just like his daddy. He has a wonderful imagination. Lately he loves to pretend to be the Hulk. This little video is just a little glimpse of that.

Once he takes off his shirt, he transforms into the HULK. 



Tomorrow we are going to see The Avengers as a family. We are excited to see Williams reaction when he sees The Avengers on the big screen. 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Will loves his dinosaurs

While I was helping out at my friends Dental office on Wednesday, Kent took Will to BYU's Paleontology Museum just off Campus.  Here are 3 video's of how Will. I love this kids excitement. 

ANd after they picked me up from work, Will was excited to show me his new favorite place.

Good thing there is always tomorrow. 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

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