Friday, May 31, 2013

Craft night at Anthropologie

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to attend a paper flower workshop.


I was in heaven that evening. 
crafting in my FAVORITE store was a dream. 
The food was delicious and the company was great. 

AND not only did I get a chance to learn from the talented Brittany Jepsen from The House that Lars Built, but I won a $25 gift certificate for ANTHROPOLOGIE!!
I think it was so sweet of Brittany to link my blog to hers. Hopefully we can collaborate in the near future with some awesome things we have in the works. 

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sam turned 10 month old!

ok, seriously?! This baby is growing up WAY too fast! 
He has 6 teeth. 
4 on top 2 on bottom.
He still is an amazing sleeper.
He eats everything and anything. 
We discovered that he loves The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cartoon. 
We vacuum every single day because of that. 
Because when big brother makes a mess with his snack, Sam tries to eat it. 
Sam is not your traditional crawler.
 I love that about it. 
Although crawling is suppose to be the next step for a baby, he has figured 
out that there are other ways of getting around. 
He is starting to pull himself up.
taking down our DVD's is his favorite pass time. 
He is a pro t it. 

He mimic everything we do. 
Its the cutest and funniest thing. 
and he knows it too. 

Sunday, May 26, 2013

My little Sunbeam

Will gave his first talk today! 
He did amazing. 
I've never been so proud of my little boy. 

The problem with having a child that can dress himself now is that after you help him get his church shoes on, he later takes them off and puts on his favorite pair that happens to be the brightest orange color.....

Friday, May 24, 2013

Summer fun has begun!

Kent is back working on a film. With him being gone, the boys and I find lots of things to do locally to keep busy.

On Friday we went over to Wills preschool for a Nursery Rhyme Party. 
There were different booths set up representing a Nursery Rhyme. 
The first thing W wanted to do once we got there was play on the playground...
He finally shared an interest in the booths after  I convinced him we would get donuts after the party...

Reciting Humpty Dumpty with his teacher Mrs. Deby.

Thursday we went to Pioneer Park by our house.The city built a new splash pad. 
(the water was freezing!) 

Riverwoods outdoor Mall in provo had a splash pad summe party. We went around 5pm and had some fun!

Wouldn't be a Provo party without Ol' Cosmo. 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Sam's little shenanigans

We put new batteries.

Sam crying because moments before I took theses pictures Will had pushed him off the toy....

But he doesn't stay sad for very long. 

Summer time is approaching which means its time for my boys to get a hair cut. 

Al though it isn't Sam's first hair cut, it was his first time at Cookie Cutters and he loved it. 

May 4th 2013

Friday, May 17, 2013

My little boy is getting so big!

I will upload more pictures tomorrow with a little update.

love him.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Choo Choo Soul

We took Will and Sam to Choo Choo Soul earlier this month. 
They performed at BYU and the tickets are crazy cheap! 

Will was excited to be there but also embarrassed that Kent and I were singing along. 
Can you believe this kid? 
its like he is a teenager....

May 4th 2013

DSCN0892 from Nassari Everett on Vimeo.

So glad Emmett got to go too.
Will got super excited to see his best bud at the concert too!

After the show we stood in line for a meet and great and snagged a picture of 
the creative team with Will. 

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