Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Monday, December 17, 2012


Why do they have to grow up so fast?

Please stay like this forever!
Tummy time is not that bad anymore.
He is getting better at lifting him self up. 
He doesn't fit in his little bath tub so we give him baths in the kitchen sink 
or with his brother in the bath.
12 to 18 month is what he is wearing
his hair is always bananas, especially in the morning.
He can pick things up and they immediately go in the mouth.
he drools so much and has a little tooth coming in. 
He tried banana today. 
he loved it. 
Of course he did. 
He loves to hear himself
He talks/sings all the time.

socks and shoes are usually kicked off after 5 seconds of being put on.
I don't know what I insist. 

He wears same size diaper (4) as his big brother. 
He doesn't fit in his swing and I predict that he will need a new carseat by 1 yrs old.
He is always happy and content.

Friday, December 14, 2012


Monday, December 10, 2012

FHE in December


                                 FOLLOWING CHRIST AT CHRISTMAS TIME



                      made this felt christmas tree for Will and hid the ornaments around the house. as we  found each ornament, we talked about what each thing means.

William loved this.

PS: this felt tree was super easy to make.

A friend of mine shared a little story about Santa telling a father to teach his children the true meaning of Christmas.
Ex: The star represents the sign given to all mean that Christ was born.....

TREAT: Leftover yogurt pie with whipped cream

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Wekend highlights

Spent the day with my boys at home while Kent was at work. 
Later that night we went over to our Wards Christmas party. 
Kent joined us there after work.

 Will was so excited to see the primary kids go up on the stage that he 
decided he wanted to join in on the fun. 
He immediately ran up to the mic but then saw that he needed to stand with the rest of the kids. 
he loved being on stage even though he didn't know the song.
I felt so proud of my little guy. 

Since we don't get to spend much time with Kent these days, we left the party early and went out to Target for some popcorn and icee. 
He was happy as a clam.

I asked Will to smile.
This is what I got...
I love this kid. 

Friday, December 7, 2012

Ramblings from a poor film wife

I had the hardest time coming up with a title for this post.  
I'm having a hard time doing a lot of things this week. 
The house is a mess. 
Toys are in every little nock and cranny.
one thing is certain. 
both boys are feed, dressed, bathed, and given attention. 
AND that to me is a huge accomplishment. 

Kent is working on a huge and I mean HUGE project for the church.
He is on day 14 of work with no days off. 
The last time he had a day off was Nov. 24th.
He comes home extremely tired.
Both boys are usually in bed by the time he comes home. 
I really hope he stays health through this because he will not have a day off till this project is over.

Its 11:08am right now. 
We ( the boys and I) are in our pajamas still.
Will is still working on eating his breakfast and is watching a 1965 Godzilla movie.
He is sucked in.
He loves watching classic sci fi films.
Sam is laying on the floor, happy as a clam. 
He doesn't need much.
I am as you can tell writing a post avoiding the loads of laundry thats sitting on my bed.

Sitting here contemplating whether I should pack the kids in the stroller and walk the 4 miles it takes to Kents work and pick up the car.
you see, we have to get somethings fix on the car before the snow hits AND before our much anticipated trip to paradise. 

Lets hope it stays nice and warm today. 
a little trip to the park is much needed around here. 

I know, I know. very cheesy. But thats me! 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Our family traditions

This year I put together a book Advent Calendar for Will and threw in some 
Christmas movies into the mix. 
So far he loves the idea. 
Some of our books where given to us, found at DI or bought at a vintage book store in Provo. 

We decorate the Christmas tree Thanksgiving night or the next day.

I bought this advent calendar at Target and I just love how excited Will gets when he gets to open the little door and finds a prize.

One tradition that I love that Kent grow up on was opening one gift on Christmas Eve with brand new pajamas. That was so much fun to be a part of my first Everett Christmas.
Also, Stockings!!! I've never had a stocking. 
When we were first married, Judy had these made for us. 

Some traditions in my family are opening christmas presents midnight on Christmas Eve.
Also, it wouldn't be Christmas if we didn't make tamales.
One other traditions is watching It's a wonderful life. its a must. 
Kent hid my engagement ring in the DVD case when he proposed on Christmas Eve. 

Relief Society Christmas Dinner

Forming Traditions.
I have to say that forming traditions is by far my favorite thing to do with our family.
Even better is combining my family traditions with Kent's. 

One of the best things about being the 2nd counselor in Relief Society, 
is coming up with fun and exciting activities for the sisters.
Last weekend I helped put together our Relief Society Christmas dinner. Some sisters in the ward displayed what they do for Christmas traditions. 
We focused on how to bring Christ into Christmas.
We had a sister talk about how Mary would have prepared for the Saviors birth and how can we prepare ourselves for the Saviors coming and how might we prepare our children for the Savior's birth. 
I loved learning from each sister who shared their family traditions. 

Here are some pictures of that evening.
I forgot to bring my camera and I took pictures after we started taking things down.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Our FHE Night 
I am so excited Will is old enough to 
enjoy our Family Home Evenings. 
Coming up with ideas for our FHE nights are so much fun. 
Getting him to stay put and participate was a challenge 
but it was worth it. 

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