Monday, May 30, 2011

Saturday, May 28, 2011

{you make me smile}

   I love being a mommy. The way this little boy looks at me melts my heart. He is everything for us.  William is 21 months and I wish time would just stop for awhile and let me enjoy my little boy at this age. 
Every time we put in a Disney movie in he automatically says "toy Story" when the  fireworks and the Disney Castle come on.
Everything that is cute and cuddly he still calls baby. 
He loves his blue puppy (stuffed animal)
He sleeps with no binky! yay. in fact we threw all of them away. stressful week...
He wont go anywhere without MY pink throw blanket.
He loves popcorn, Rainiest, black beans, Reese's peanut butter cup, water, milk, anything that is covered in chocolate or peanut butter.
He loves salty foods, curry, and chicken nuggets. 
He loves to "fix" things and because of that he has literally pulled off the wall the 3 book shelves Kent put in his room. 
He loves reading time. 
The most recent words he says a lot are book, blue and "dede"(woody/toy story)
He is super cuddly and if you are nice he'll give you a "beso"
He understands both english and spanish but refuses to say words when he needs to. 
We love him so very much and can't believe we get to be his parents. He has blessed our lives in so many ways.  
Here are some pictures of Will from the last few months. 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

{sunny weather and counting our blessings}

 This week the weather in Utah would not make up its mind. one day it was windy, stormy the next warm, sunny blue skies. I was done. But on "rapture day" ( silly people) it was gorgeous.  We deep cleaned our morning and spend the rest of the day outside. we even went to Movies 8 and watched Rango. We only got half way through it till our little man decided it was a  boring sitting down in a dark room watching a movie on a huge screen while eating  endless popcorn and cherry Slurpees. yeah, that will be the last time we take him to a movie till he learns to stay sitted. good thing it only cost a dollar.  We also had a beautiful day today. Will and I played outside for a bit. He found some Dandelions and was trying really hard to blow on them. I was able to capture part of it.  He is so cute. He likes to pay extra attention to detail much like his father. I can tell he will be a very hard worker. I don't know if its the age but he is always working on something. 
He grabs his plastic tools and pretends to fix things. 
If you take a nap around him beware, he might hit you in the face with a plastic/toy hammer. 

  I've been thinking a lot about my blessings this week. Thinking about what a wonderful miracle it was for William to be here.  I can't believe he will be 2 in less then 4 months. This is going by too fast for me. While playing at our yard, I just had this feeling that he needs brothers/sisters or a friend. He is so sweet when he is around other kids.  I would be so sad if he was an only child. I'm an only child  and it was seriously so SO lonely growing up. I pray that we get the opportunity to fill our home with more children. 
  I haven't been feeling well for awhile. to be exact its been 2 years. My doctor was able to find out what my body is going through. Its something that can be treated but I am kind of mad that the doctors didn't detect it earlier. I have been telling them how I was feeling and they would say that it was hormonal thing and that I needed to let my body adjust to having a baby and nursing and well, all those changes. But I always new something was off.  
Basically I may have Metabolic Syndrome. ( found out it runs in the family) Knowing that there really was something wrong help me feel more peace and a drive to get better.
   I exercise at least 4 times a week, eat healthy and drink A LOT of water and I was still not seeing any changes. I couldn't understand why I felt so sleepy and tired all the time even though I was taking vitamins and oh I was not getting pregnant. After much prayer and fast we met with another Doctor and thats when she diagnosed me with these things.
   For 3 months I kept track of the foods I was eating and the kind of exercise I was doing and it was just not adding up.  after more studies she told me that my body was insulin resistant ( among other things) 
   anyways, I usually don't feel comfortable sharing things like these but I really felt impressed to do so. Only because I felt that  there was something wrong and I could give up in finding out.  IF you are struggling with any of these don't just seen on specialist but get an opinion from various. That is what I had to do. Had my doctor pay attention to this problem when I was pregnant I would have a better understanding on how to overcome this at an earlier stage. I am now under a medication and a special diet. I have never felt better. already lots 5 pounds in less then 2 weeks. crazy huh? 

i am grateful that as soon as I get my body back in to normal I wont have to take pills anymore and I will have a better understanding on how to help my body be strong and healthy. I am grateful for modern medicine and for Heavenly Father's plan. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

{RIP binky}

 day three of no binky.

we are all still alive but Will was having major binky withdrawals today. 
I just hope this week goes by faster! 

Saturday, May 14, 2011

{mother's day weekend}

last weekend Kent surprised me with all the supplies I needed to make homemade hot fudge. he also got me Roman Holiday and Paris when it Sizzles. I was in heaven that weekend. He spoils me all the time.I made the hot fudge as a mother's day gift for some of Kents cousins and Aunt Pam. They are always thinking of us and inviting us over for dinner on Sundays. 

 He made me a delicious panini that had green apple slice, bacon, red onion mayo and cheese. yum. Brooke and Jefe (Kent's cousins) also had a taste and loved it. I made the hot fudge as a mother's day gift for some of Kents cousins and Aunt Pam. They are always thinking of us and inviting us over for dinner on Sundays. 

Kent also woke up at 5:30am to pick up our bountiful Basket last Saturday. Look how much we got for $15! 

Overall it was a beautiful weekend. 

Hot fudge recipe from this blog.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

{happy mother's day}

I read a talk giving by President Gordon B Hinckley called 
Women of the Church. if you have not read it I recommend you do. Maybe you remember listening  to it when he gave this talk. here are some passages that I found meaningful this time around. 
 "You know how fortunate you are to be married to a good man who is your companion in life and who will be your companion throughout eternity". 
how grateful I am to have Kent by my side helping me in this life. Life brings hardships and joy but it makes a huge difference who you have around you through those times. Grateful to have a positive and uplifting companion by my side.  

Then President HInckley shared this poem from Anne Campbell in regards to the sacrifices our mothers have made for us. This also struck a cord with me.

You are the trip I did not take;
You are the pearls I cannot buy;
You are my blue Italian lake;
You are my piece of foreign sky.

To my wonderful Mother,

How grateful I am for the sacrifices my own mother has done for me. She sacrificed living in her own country and learning a new language to give me a better world. She gave up her false traditions and habits to teach me the true way of life. She taught me to trust God above all things. She taught me to be a women of God and to cherish womanhood. For all that I am, I thank her.

My Turn...

I too am grateful for mi suegra. My wife wouldn't be my wife without her. She raised an amazing woman, so I will be ever grateful for her. Ever since I've known her she has made me feel loved, and she's never treated me as a son-in-law, but a son. She has been nothing but gracious to me. Plus, she is an amazing grandmother to my son. So, mamá, I love you so much!

~ Kent

To my wonderful Mother in Law
Thank you for raising an amazing son. Thank you for your sacrifices. Thank you for  making me feel as if I was one of your own. Thank you for loving my baby. He is a lucky boy. Thank you for not getting tired of me sending pictures of Will 10 times a day. Thank you for being a women of faith. Thank you, thank you.

Hey Mommedy...

On this mother's day I just want to remind you how much I love you. Not to sound like a momma's boy, but you've been my friend as well as my mom. I've come to realize that I can't relate at all to people that complain about how annoying or mean or intrusive their mothers have been. I never had any problems like that. My mom knows when to say "no" (which she always did in such a judicious and graceful manner), and she always knew when to let me off the leash. Thank you for all your love and trust mom. You are the best mom that anyone could ever have. I have zero complaints.

Happy Mother's Day!
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