Monday, November 9, 2009

William loves...

He loves to talk when you read to him and play with him.
He loves to kick.
He loves taking off his socks and blanket.
He loves to look and giggle at the monkeys that hang from his crib.
Baths are so much fun.
He loves to get massages after bath time.
He loves eating with mom.
He loves to cover his face when he wants to sleep
He smiles big when we touch his nose and lips.
He loves his bink.
He loves making silly faces.
He loves sleeping in mama and papa's bed after having breakfast.
He loves another 3 hours of sleep after that. Lucky us!
He loves his mama and papa!

1 comment:

Angela said...

Love all the pictures I just got caught up on! How neat about the blessing outfit. I thought he was so cute.

Impressive with the whole wheat pizza, Kent. You'll have to show us how to do that!

Cute Halloween pics!

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