Monday, January 25, 2010

D.I: its a hit and miss

Do you ever feel gross after leaving D.I.? I know I do. First thing I want to do after leaving is sterilize my entire body. But, I still love going there. I went today in hopes that they might have cute fabric. A friend of mine went recently and found some cute ones so I decided to try my luck. I didn't find anything. All I found were linens that smelled like cigarettes. I went browsing in there book section and in the midst of chaos of a shelf, I came across this book.

It only cost $3. I've heard that its a
good reference. We shall see.

Last week...

My poor little Will caught a cold.
I called Kent's cousin Angela who is a Master Herbalist and she recommended that I buy
Dr. Christopher's Formula
Calcium for Children, Dr Christophers

Its made up of all natural herbs which
is super safe for all ages. Will LOVES the taste.
Thanks Angela!
Also, I've been rubbing this on his chest and back!

Look how happy he looks?
(my poor little mouth breather)

Kent showing Will the sketching he did
while at the Bean Museum.


Lauren vdH said...

Hey Nassari! That is such a cute pic of Will in the hat! Thanks for posting the natural herbs that you are using for Will's cold... so helpful! I hope he gets better soon! Oh yeah, I got that book, "What to expect the first year" from a garage sale and mine was over 20 years old. The only section that was way outdated is the feeding solids part (6 months or so).. I liked this website instead.. . But besides that, that the book is still pretty helpful.

Angela said...

Cute. Love the new look of the blog.

Allyssa said...

How fun! this is way cute! i miss you lots!

autora14 said...

que fancy es tu blog! and what a beautiful baby! (that I still need to meet)

te quiero mucho!
y si te mandaré un text. me olvide hoy. iba hacerlo pero fue temprano y pensaba que no te gustaría tan temprano. y ya es tarde. Mañana entonces!

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