Friday, March 19, 2010

I got it at Ross!

I went to Ross the other day and found these DVDs
for less then $4 buck.
I was so ecstatic when I found a movie about Grover and had to buy it for Will. Growing up Grover was and STILL is my favorite Sesame Street character. He can be annoying but most of all he loves to cuddle and get his tummy scratched. what a cute blue monster!
Also, I found one of the San Diego Zoo. Watching it made me homesick. Will doesn't care much about whats on T.V. wow. is he really our son?
He has discovered our huge pill of DVD"s in the corner. he loves to swing at them and put them in his mouth. I find him everywhere. One minute he's playing by our shoes, next he's under the table or he's quietly laying on his back trying to eat my phone. I have now greater incentive to keep the house clean.

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