Thursday, February 3, 2011

{crafty night in}

Anthropologie is my Disneyland.
For those of you who don't know what Anthropologie is, its defiantly not the study of humans past and present. ( got that definition from wikipedia after googling it).
Anthropologie takes me to  MY happy place.  Kent always makes sure we make a quick stop to the gateway when traveling north. He knows how much I love this store.
I just LOVE walking into the store and dreaming, WISHING and sometimes getting to go home with these.
Last Mothers day I received 6 of these cute bowls. and I need/want MORE.
I also want this so bad but I would never feel good about spending that much on something i can find at a  Thrift Store.
Since we cannot afford all that this store has to offer, I will make due with this inexpensive craft projects I found the other day here.
Last night Kent and I painted monogram letters and they turned out so cute! I went ahead and painted one for Will too. I'll post on his later.

here are some pictures of our masterpiece!

by the way, $7 is all I spent for all the supplies.
better then spending $98...

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