Monday, June 13, 2011

{gluten free}

My Doctor told me to go gluten free for a month while they do studies on me. I feel great after a week off of food that contain or has a trace of gluten.  My dear friend Hayley sent me her family cookbook full of gluten free recipes. I went over to her house to use her grinder and in less then 4 minutes her Wonder Whisper Mill grind up 2 pounds of organic brown rice. 
I want to save up and get one.
If I am going to bake anything, now I have rice flour to replace the flour/wheat. The great thing about this change is that my wonderful husband is supportive and also willing to eat what I need to eat. i love him. In a month I have already lost 10 lbs. I go to a Zumba class 3 times a week and i also use a treadmill. i am  also craving sugar like crazy but i have been very focused. I'm looking forward running with my mom and hiking this next week. She is so supportive and understanding. 
Electric Wondermill Whisper Mill the Worlds Best Grain Machine


breanner said...

Good luck. I don't know if gluten free does anything for me digestively but I was gluten free for about 8 months a couple of years ago. I liked it. I felt like I had more energy. I got off around thanksgiving/christmas and haven't been able to get back on since :(

Anyway, good luck with gluten free! I have a really good cookie recipe made from quinoa flakes that doesn't have sugar... it uses honey and peanut butter. It is good. when I find it I'll send it to you

breanner said...

Oh and be careful about preservatives... just read labels. You'd be surprised where all gluten is hidden. Maltodextrin means gluten, natural flavors can also mean gluten, modified food starch means gluten, caramel color can also have gluten.

Just wanted to let you know! There are probably more there that I didn't mention, those are just some of the big ones that I tried to stay away from.

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