Tuesday, July 19, 2011

{birthday bash}

Last week and weekend was an affair to remember. We had the pleasure of seeing, Parker, Haughts, Fudge, CasdorphHakes, McCuen and Ellenburg. Kent's besties in the film program. and my besties now.
On friday we headed over to Jordan Commons to see Harry Potter 7.2 in IMAX.
(it was so good! I bawled like a baby)
That night we thru a surprise birthday party for Rochelle
it was so nice being around grown ups.

These muffins were delish! 
On Saturday I turned 27! 27!!!!
Kent let me sleep in. that was heaven. we went to Denny's and afterwards I took another fat nap. meanwhile Kent is planning a surprise get together with our friends. a perfect night.
my delish gluten free cupcakes!
Thank babe!

Kent got me Madgab too! 

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