Friday, February 24, 2012

Will is a big boy!

I haven't posted about Will in awhile. In the last few months he has slowly transformed into a little man. 
He is 2 1/5 years old.
He loves to eat Pizza ( Pifa/Fifa). When we drive by Little Caesars he points to it and yells ( Fifa!! )
He loves Costco since we always get him a berry smoothie and a chicken bake.
He loves Target because he gets to eat popcorn. Just like his daddy.
He is loves Yo Gabba Gabba, Blue's Clue, Iron Man cartoons, Sesame Street and anything Disney. oh and lets not forget Godzilla.
He loves to eat Lucky Charms or Marshmallow Mateys. He eats the marshmallows first. 
He loves to drink water, water and water. or I should say Agua. 
He folds his arms when we pray.
He sits still only through the passing of the sacrement and then its time to walk around the building.
He is having a hard time sharing and playing with younger children. Hopefully he will out grow this phase.
He is a sweet boy to me and Kent. Constantly wanting to snuggle with us and kisses my belly and while pointing to it says baby. 
He I runs around with his arms and hands out pretending they are Iron Man repulsers. 
He takes 2 hour naps even though he may fight it at firsts. 
He likes to stall at night by making us read him every book we own or choosing to watch a second movie before the first is even finished. 
He loves to count and can only say the #5 clearly. He knows the colors and saying them. 
He is a happy little boy but can have some major meltdowns. 
The way to his heart is through food. you give him food and he will love you forever. 
He has out grown his crib and I'm afraid its time for a toddler bed. Kent is making one for him similar to this one below out of wooden pallets.

I'm a little said he will no longer be in a nursery but a big boy room. 

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