Saturday, January 5, 2013

Road trip to San Diego

This year we finally made it down to San Diego for the Holidays. 

Christmas was wonderful. 
We stayed with my In laws. They are the best hostesses EVER! 
Dinner time at the Everett home is something special. Every and I mean EVERY night the table was set perfectly followed by a delicious home cooked meal. 
It was so beautiful. 
Its these little things that really get me and I love it. 
I don't think my MIL realizes how much I have learned from her while being there. 
The boys were so good on the road and we never hit traffic so that was a sweet deal.
Basically we decided that we were not going to find reasons to be stressed out. 
We counted our blessings ( one which is getting to spend time with family in San Diego)
and made the decision to be happy! 
It made all the difference on our vacation. especially when Will was at his poor little worst. 
Team work, people. team work. 
that is the recipe for a happy marriage and a great vacation to San Diego. HA HA.
i'm kidding. kind of. 

New Years was super low key this year. mainly because Will had a fever the night before and Sam was not feeling good new years eve. I went to bed around 11pm and Kent stayed up with his brother playing video games.

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