Monday, August 26, 2013

Will turn's 4!

This year William wanted a dinosaur party and ever since we found out back in April that we could have a party at the Dinosaur museum at BYU, we have just been counting down the days! 

We kept it simple and within our budget.
We wanted Will to have exactly what he want and that is what we did.

In keeping with the theme, we prepared sack lunches for the kids and their parents. 
The dinosaur cookie cutters for the PB&J sandwiches was totally an awesome idea that Kent had. 
This year, Will wanted donuts instead of a cake. 
We grabbed a couple dozen donuts from Provo Bakery. 
They have the yummiest ones.

Alex, our tour guide was awesome! She took the kids around the museum and tailored the presentation for all the 4 year olds.

We are so thankful for all our friends who came and shared this wonderful day with us. 
My sister in law and her little family came too and that was such a neat treat! 

A a little video of the kids letting out a big roar at the end of Happy Birthday! 

Sunday birthday dinner

Pot Roast
Homemade razzleberry pie

1 comment:

Rachel Ann Packard said...

He's becoming a little man!!! That party looks fantastic.

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