Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Stringtown Polar Express

We heard about this family that has put on a train ride/ meet Santa thing for years for free but since it has grown, you have to make reservations and if picked, you get a call. 

So last week we got a call saying we had been picked! 

The stars ( our schedules) aligned and we got to go on Monday. 
We first check in and wait in their garage where we can watch Polar Express on a giant screen. 

When its our turn we sit down outside and hear safety instructions

Here we go! 

We go on a little train ride to the North Pole to visit with Santa.
all along the way there we listen to Christmas music. 

We get to visit with Santa and tell him about Robots and candy canes

Will was super excited to see Santa,  get a candy cane and a new shiny bell. 

Sam was just excited to get a candy cane. all he would day was "go, go"

After we visited with Santa, he expressed to us that the true meaning of Christmas was centered on Christ. 
So before we got back on the train, we started singing "silent Night" 
We got back on the train and rode by beautiful paintings of Christ.

It was so very sweet.

After we got of the train, we had the opportunity to write to military personnel and to missionaries. 

It was a wonderful Family Home Evening. 

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