Wednesday, July 1, 2009

32 weeks and counting

Went to the Doctors and found out I'm measuring at 34 weeks.  Doctor thinks I'm going to have a "little bigger than average" baby. Its okay with me as long as he is healthy and strong and he comes out soon!!!  
Almost every women I speak to tells me to take advantage of my free time to sleep because I won't when he's born. Why do they say that when you have what looks like a basketball for a stomach to prevent you from being comfortable?!! I couldn't sleep even if I wanted to. I'm at the point in the pregnancy where I can't sleep no matter what position I get in, no matter if I have a million pillows or if its a nap during the day. He needs to come out soon! 
With all the changes happening I feel like I'm being passive in my own body and I have no control of it. If stretch marks want to appear on my side, then they just do. Some days my feet want to be swollen. Somedays even chocolate gives me heartburn. I can't eat Italian food anymore and ice cubes are my new best friend.   
You know what? It's worth it. He kicks all night and lets me know that he's fine. When his daddy speaks to him he moves around and all I can think is, it's worth it.  He gets the hiccups and sometimes when we tap on my stomach he hits back. ITS WORTH IT!!! 


Angela said...

32 weeks! Sweet! Getting closer! There is a big difference in lack of sleep when you actually have to get up and out of the bed for the little one rather than still "resting" in bed, although still not sleeping. You'll see girl! It IS worth it still though!

Robbie, Alyssa and Brielle said...

These last couple weeks are horrible no matter what! my hips hurt so bad. just hang in there, it is all worth it as you know. miss you girl!

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