Sunday, July 19, 2009

Celebrating my 25th Birthday!

We had a weekend of fun! Thursday I spent all of the day resting! Being pregnant takes all of my energy. Kent took me to Jason's Deli for lunch and went shopping for some new summer shirts. Later that night he made me a delicious steak dinner. After coming home to find my birthday present on Friday, we went down to the Gateway in SLC and met up with Jenny my sister in law and her boyfriend Jeff. Since her birthday was on Monday we decided to celebrate together at Tucanos for dessert. After that we went and saw Harry Potter which was pretty awesome!

Kent put together my favorite treats and things
I will need when we go to the hospital. He spent all
day putting it together.

Thank you Amor!!
Saturday we spent the early afternoon
in Park City at the National Ability Center
for their Open House.

Kent took me to Ottavio's Italian Restaurant
last night since it was their last day open!
It was so nice seeing my friends there and
saying our goodbye's. It was so much
fun working there!

1 comment:

Carrie said...

Ottavio's is closing?! Please say it isn't so.

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