Friday, September 11, 2009

Life's a roller coaster sometimes

As many of you have heard, William was sick for 3 days the first weekend of his life. First he had jaundice pretty bad which required him to be under blue lights. During that time he became dehydrated and some how got a urine infection. He had a fever of 102. He also had an infection in his blood which Doctors thing it was from bacteria on his skin when he had his shots. crazy! Our Doctors are also concerned that he might have meningitis since he had a fever. This causes swelling in the brain so brain damage is a probability. We are so thankful that he has not been affected by that. He has great hearing and we caught it early. He has been on 2 antibiotic since Aug 30 and his last dose is this Sunday. William is a tough little guy! He has gone through 2 spinal taps, an IV on his head, endless blood and urine test and a circumcision. Trying to breastfeed was a challenge during this time. Poor little guy had no desire to work for his food but we both made it through.
We are so very grateful for your prayers and for the tender mercies of the Lord. William had his 2 week check up and he is a healthy boy! He is now 8lbs 12oz and 22 inches long.
First order of business was to test mommy and daddy's faith. It did and we are very thankful for all that we have experienced.

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Amy said...

I'm grateful to hear that he is doing much better now :-)

We just had our first scare with little Peyton that involved an over-nighter at the ER but just like your little man, she bounced back quickly!

Love you guys and PLEASE post more photos, I wish I could come see your little man!

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