Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Quick update

William had a check up today. He weighs 10lbs 11oz at 5 weeks old. He is getting CHUNKY! As of 2 weeks ago, he out grew his newborn clothes and now wears some of his 3 month old onesies. We have to get more clothes for him soon!
I have been reading a book my cousin Cortney recommended called "On becoming Babywise". I have followed its method and William is now sleeping through the night and feeds every 2 1/2 to 3 hours a day. It has been so helpful since I am now going to start working 3 hours every evening for a Dental Company. They have me schedule their patients for cleanings and evenings are the best time to find them home.
Kent is busy with school and work. With a busy schedule he still finds time for our little family. He has decided to get a minor in Visual Arts which means 2 more semester at BYU. He graduates in April. yay!
We are so excited for Fall! pumpkin patches, carnivals, and corn mazes HERE WE COME! oh and HALLOWEEN!!!


Angela said...

Wow, what a big boy! Your going to work again? That'll be helpful for them--and good for Kent! Baby Wise never worked for my boys, but that is AWESOME it has improved WIlliam SO much! I am happy for you guys...sleep makes all the difference!

Jeff and Kimberly said...

One of my sister-in-laws swears by that book and their 9 mo old has been sleeping over 10 hrs a night for months.

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