Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hey old man! It's your special day!

Normally for my dad's birthday I like to send him a card that features a glittery Sponge Bob or a Maya Angelou poem about how Sunday service is always sweeter when you're black, but this year we decided to deviate from tradition. By harnessing the power of a camera, Final Cut Pro, the internet, and a dash of procrastination, we were able to send him a new kind of birthday wish.
I'm not sure who amongst our readership will be able to sit through over three minutes of just baby faces and noises. But I figure the grandpa who actually tried to make silly faces at his grandson over a web cam in an attempt to elicit a reaction might actually enjoy this.
So this one's for you, Dad!

1 comment:

Ana & Natalia said...

That video was so cute, I loved it. William is growing up so fast, just like my Bodoque. I wish you guys lived here in SD so we can hang out. Love you guys.

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