Saturday, April 10, 2010

Picnic and cupcakes.

Kent planned a wonderful picnic for us at a park in Orem. He bought ham tortas from the local mexican market. drank apple juice and had the most delicious strawberries. oh and costco chips and salsa. It was so nice being outside. Can't wait for many more picnics in the summer!
He bought us some delicious cupcakes from here in Provo.  Will had his first swing ride and he loved it. Can't you tell? He smiled the entire time.              

 Kent was so sweet to dress up as a bunny for the primary Easter activity.  The kids loved it and chased him around the cultural hall. I love him.  He is always willing to do what ever I ask of him.

It was overall a wonderful day!


Angela said...

Awesome pictures. You know, it does seem like Kent is so happy to do what you want. What a great husband. I'm proud to be part of the fam.

Haught Fudge said...

Oh my gosh, the bunny picture kills me. So awesome. Will is such a cutie.

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