Tuesday, April 26, 2011

{easter 2011}

Easter was so beautiful this year.  It has been so exciting to teach Will about the Savior. When we say prays he smiles a lot especially when we say amen. He points to a picture of Jesus that we have hanging in our living room when we say "where's Jesus?". Just this Sunday he was super reverent and that is defiantly not typical of him but I think that he is starting to understand that during prayers and sacrement we should be quite. IWe've made it a priority in having prayers with him before bed, before meals, quite reading times and F.H.E. I never knew that these simple things would bring so much joy and gratitude in my heart. I am so grateful for what he teaches me everyday.  We are so grateful for the Saviors Atonement and Resurrection and for a chance to have to celebrate that this season.

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