Saturday, May 28, 2011

{you make me smile}

   I love being a mommy. The way this little boy looks at me melts my heart. He is everything for us.  William is 21 months and I wish time would just stop for awhile and let me enjoy my little boy at this age. 
Every time we put in a Disney movie in he automatically says "toy Story" when the  fireworks and the Disney Castle come on.
Everything that is cute and cuddly he still calls baby. 
He loves his blue puppy (stuffed animal)
He sleeps with no binky! yay. in fact we threw all of them away. stressful week...
He wont go anywhere without MY pink throw blanket.
He loves popcorn, Rainiest, black beans, Reese's peanut butter cup, water, milk, anything that is covered in chocolate or peanut butter.
He loves salty foods, curry, and chicken nuggets. 
He loves to "fix" things and because of that he has literally pulled off the wall the 3 book shelves Kent put in his room. 
He loves reading time. 
The most recent words he says a lot are book, blue and "dede"(woody/toy story)
He is super cuddly and if you are nice he'll give you a "beso"
He understands both english and spanish but refuses to say words when he needs to. 
We love him so very much and can't believe we get to be his parents. He has blessed our lives in so many ways.  
Here are some pictures of Will from the last few months. 

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