Monday, December 27, 2010

{i'm dreaming of a white christmas}

This Christmas was wonderful. Kent, Will and I celebrated Christ birth in our very own home. We had the best time of our lives. 
I will admit, at first i was a little hesitant of staying. 
I love spending time with my family. The Alvarez clan sure knows how to party and Christmas and New Years really shows how crazy we can get
On Christmas Eve Kent made a delicious ham, I made funeral potatoes and Will made a fun mess in the living room.
after dinner we went over to the Shepherds. We were are so grateful to be invited in their family traditions. After, we went home and Will got into his Christmas eve PJ. This year he got Toy Story PJ.and off to bed he went. 

On Christmas we opened presents, eat breakfast and watched Save by the Bell Wedding on T.V haha. i know. it was great. except for the fact that I felt really sick but good thing i didn't have anywhere to go.
Over all Christmas was wonderful! I am so grateful for a beautiful little family, an amazing husband and for another year I get to spend with my family on earth. Grateful for Christ and for what this season brings.

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