Friday, September 2, 2011

Will is 2

William turned 2 on Wednesday August 24th. I can't believe my little man is growing up. He is the most sensitive boy I have ever met.
He doesn't like to be touched but when he feels the need for some cuddle, we are always ready.
He doesn't do well when on vacation. It really messes with his sleeping.
But when we are home he takes two 2 hour naps a day plus he is sleeping from 8:30pm to 8am. the boy can sleep.
He enjoys eating trail mix, cheese, flour tortillas, veggie/fruit smoothies, black beans, mild curry, rice,   cereals, oatmeal
He likes to smell food before he takes a bite.
He loves his new Thundercats sword Grandma Judy got him
He loves to listen to kids songs in the car that Abuelita got him
He is crazy about his daddy. 
He says Mama, puppy, baby, book, blue, bye, hi.
He says "Dee" for everything else. He understands so much but it will take him a while to speak fluently since we speak to him in spanish and english. 
He loves to read and usually I find him on our rocking chair in his room reading.
He is crazy for Disney movies. This year he loves, Toy Story, UP, Hercules, Robin Hood (the fox one) Wall-E, oh and lets not for get Tangled.  He also loves to watch marvel cartoons and Thundercats just like his daddy. 
I am so grateful for Will in our lives. He teaches me something every day, usually its patience. 
He knows that every night its bath time, reading time then family prayers. 
He loves to help clean up and make messes. 
William we love you and can't believe you are so big now. 

one minute you are this small

The next you are this big!

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