Sunday, November 20, 2011

WhatI am grateful for

What I am grateful for...

1) I am grateful my Mother (in 1985) gained a testimony of Jesus Christ, Joseph Smith restoring the gospel on this earth and  knowing the Book of Mormon is true. Her decision to be baptized has blessed my life.

2) I m grateful my mother met my step dad in 1990. They were married on Nov 9th and on that same day my dad, Al, was baptized. I now had a father figure in my life. 

3) I am grateful that my parents, especially my mother, taught me at a young age to believe and trust in God. That helped me to follow the example of Christ and be baptized. I was 8 years old.

4) At 14 I was sealed to my step dad and mom in the San Diego Temple. I can still remember that day as if it were yesterday. Knowing that if we live up to the promises and covenants we have made in the Temple we can be with our families forever, gives me the hope and strength to work hard on building those family bonds. 

5) I am grateful for the Young Men and Women organization. I was blessed to be surrounded by friends who believed in the same things as I did. It was through these inspired activities by my leaders that I came to meet Kent. He was 17 and I was 16. 

6) I am grateful for the countless prayers and fasts our friends, family, and members of my home ward when my dad suffered a brain aneurism. I remember the bishop at that time and counselors gave him a priesthood blessing and the doctors were astounded by his rapid recovery. It wasn't until then that I gained a stronger testimony in the power of prayer. 

7) I am grateful for Kent's example in choosing to serve an LDS mission. He left in October 2003 and returned in October 2005. I love reading through our back and forth emails and letters. Maybe we will turn it into a book.

8) I am grateful for the Huish family (among other amazing families in my life). Long story short, Brother Huish paid for my LDS mission.  Kent had just left on a mission and I had just received my Patriatical blessing.  The thought of serving a mission was so fresh in my mind and it was still 2 years away. But here again, the Lord answered my prayer.

9) I am grateful for the privilege of serving in the Utah Salt Lake City Mission, spanish speaking. I had an amazing time. I was so blessed to have gotten along with all of my companions and for all the success we had in every area we served in. I served in SLC for about 6 months and 1 year in Park City. Best 18 months of my life.

10) I am grateful Kent waited for me and that we were married in the Temple. That day in the temple will forever be engraved in my mind and heart. 

11) I am grateful for the Everett family. The Kaiser and Saint Judy are the kind of in laws a girl can only dream of. Judy may not agree with the nickname "Saint Judy" for her, but you talk to anyone that has ever met her (especially my father in law and Kent and his siblings) and they will tell you she is so loving, non-judgmental, and a kind hearted person. I am grateful to have gained such a wonderful, united family. 

12) I am grateful for the birth of our son, William. He has blessed and enriched our lives.  I may not always be grateful at 4am when he wakes up, or when he is flipping out at a restaurant or grocery store. He teaches us every single day. I am grateful to be his mommy. 

13) I am grateful for a patient, loving, happy husband. I usually have none of these qualities and it's sad, but at least he does. He reminds me of the important things in life. He honors the priesthood and our temple covenants. He is an amazing father and a friend. I am truly blessed. I hope that I continue to live up to these blessings.

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Haught Fudge said...

I love you guys. You are such wonderful people and I feel blesses to call you friends.

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