Saturday, March 3, 2012

Mari's wedding

My cousin Mariluz was married last Saturday in San Diego. She and her husband were married at the St. Francis Chapel inside the Museum of Man at Balboa Park.  If you have never been to Balboa Park or San Diego for that matter, it is a beautiful place. Click here to see some pictures and read about its history. 
I am so sad I was not able to attend her wedding. My family is so close and I have always felt everyones love and support and to miss this important event for my cousin really broke my heart. My family took lots of pictures of that day and it was so nice to see everyone happy.  Here arre some pictures of her wedding.

Congrats Mari and Luis! 

My mom and some of her siblings
 Tio Leo and Mari
 The happy couple!
 My mom and cousin

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