Friday, August 17, 2012

 I ( we) have survived our first month with a newborn and a toddler. no threats have been made, no blood has been spilled. we are all OK! well, sorta of.
Samuel is a joy and he is the easiest baby ever!
 Here are some things we have learned about Samuel in his first month...
He loves to eat! He feeds so well and is all business.
Already we can tell he is a momma's boy. I love it.
2 weeks ago he was weighing in at 9lbs 7oz and 22 inches long. I wonder what he weights now?!
He has the worst gas. its bad.
He grunts all the time.
Doesn't like the binky
Sleeps up too 4 hours at a time during the night.
His umbilical cord finally came off at around 3 weeks old.
He sleeps through his older brothers tantrums.
He hates being covered, socks and mittens.
Usually in this heat he is wear just a diaper because he is one sweaty boy.
loves sleeping on his side or on his tummy.
Daddy has the magical touch to put him to sleep.
Older brother kisses Sam's feet all the time.
So far he doesn't mind riding in the car or car seat. ( just like his brother)
The swing is our best friend when I clean the house.
He gets the hiccups every night around 9pm or 10pm.
Still has a full set of hair,
His eyes are still looking blue. I can't wait to see what color they will be!

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