Monday, February 18, 2013

Be mine

I love Valentine's Day.
 Especially when I spend it with Kent and the boys.  

Kent went to work bright and early, I got Will dressed and feed already to go to preschool. 
I put a little bag of some valentines' to share with his class and teachers.
After I feed Sam and put him down for a nap, I went about my day getting the house and myself ready.

Valentine's Day around here is pretty low key. 
We love to stay home and celebrate as a little family. 

Some of our little family traditions are making a 
heart shaped meat loaf. 

I remember our first Valentine's day (2008), Kent surprised me with a Valentine's dinner at my apartment. 
I walked in and found a delicious candle light dinner, he had on his best suit and tie, and our favorite music was playing. 
(i still listen to that CD mix)
I married a romantic. 

Here are some Insta pix from last week and Valentine's Day.

Sunday breakfast

Valentine cards...... we still need to mail them out...oops.

Kent has wanted this sauce for a long time. 

What are your favorite romantic movies? 

Our delicious meat loaf! 

Made Devils Food Cake.
A cake mix
 1 cup of plain greek yogurt 
1 cup of water
1/2 cup of chocolate chips.
bake according to box instructions.
it was delicious! 

Will and I went on a date. 
We watched Wreck it Ralph. 
He has seen it 4 times, people. 4 times!

 Took a much needed trip to the temple this weekend. 

Got my red one.

My beautiful roses. Thanks babe! 


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