Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I {heart} February

February is always a special month for me. 

I always think of my mom. especially on Valentine's day. 
You see, her name is Valentina. 
In Mexico that is her "saint" day. 
Every year when my mom was a little girl, her mom would buy her
 a can of cherries to celebrate her day. 
After she died (mom was 9 yrs old), her dad continued that tradition.
 Every time I am at the grocery store, I always buy a can and wish I could be in San Diego on Valentine's day to drop one off to her. 

I love her.

This month our FHE nights are all centered on Love.
We wrote love notes to each other last night on red heart doilies. 
we put them in our new valentines mailbox 
(thanks Judy!)

We are going to stay busy this wintery love month with indoor activities and crafts. 

Here are a few crafts i've made for an upcoming Relief Society activity and a few Will helped me with for around the house. 

Hosted a craft night last week and this is what we made. 
This fun party banner is made of plastic tablecloths. 

Will helped me stamp some hearts on burlap.

Hope your day is full of love and kindness.

Saw this video last week. it is so beautiful. 


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