Monday, March 4, 2013

7 months old!

Sam, Sammy, Samo, Samuelito, and Chunky butt.

What can I say, he is the happiest baby.

He is still sleeping through the night.
In fact, he can sleep through anything. 
even older brothers tantrums. 
He eats solids with no problem. 
Even if he doesn't like it, he stills eats it. 
He loves spoons. 
He will cry if you take it away. 
He loves it when brother "tackles" him. 
He lites up when daddy is around. 
This kid is crazy for his father. 
He loves bath time.
He can sit up really well but is still not so sure about "tummy" time. 
I think this kid is going to skip crawling and start walking just like when I was a baby.

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