Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Family Reunion 2012

Back in December my family had their first official
 Alvarez family reunion. 
I obviously forgot to post these pictures and write about 
it so here it goes.

The reunion was held in Fallbrook, CA at my cousin Stephens 
club house. 
It was on a Saturday and it rained cats and dogs but we didn't let that get in the way. 
Nothing can stop the Alvarez clan from having fun. 
OUr family is so blessed and unique. The love that is shared and felt is like no other. Its amazing how close we are all. I am so grateful to be an Alvarez and to represent such a special and wonderful family. 

My cousin Melissa and Oswaldo did an amazing job organize this. With the help of cousins and aunts/uncles we pulled it off. 
it was such a great night. 

These are all the photos I found in my camera but I am hoping to collect more from my cousins. 

My Mom's father Manuel Alvarez Arroyo 

Grandfather's parents. 
I think my cousin Oswaldo looks like our great grandfather in this picture below

All the cousins. 

 Shirts I designed. 

 Cousin Karla pulled an all-nighter creating an awesome video of the family when we are all super little. 

 Each of our grandparents kids stood up and spoke. They talked about the beautiful memories they shared with their parents. 
I bawled most of the time.

Just a few pictures of the food that night. Each sibling brought a special food that their mother made. We even had chinese food! 

 Tio Manuel brought some lotions, colognes  and other things that our grandparents wore and that brought so much memories. 

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