Sunday, June 23, 2013

Park City on the Sabbath is heavenly.

We drove up to Park City on Sunday for our friends daughters mission farewell.
The Howards are the best family a missionary could ever ask for.  While I was serving there ( which was for a year mind you),they treated me like a daughter. They threw a farewell for me. They had a place for my parents to stay when they picked me up. They picked Kent up from Provo to meet me in Park City after not seeing each other for 3 1/2 years, They drove to SD for our wedding... They have done it all! 
Presidente Howard and his wonderful wife Marla were a blessing as a missionary. The members in Park City are something special. They really know how to be missionaries. I have so many wonderful stories that I would love to share in the future.


It was so nice to drive up with my little family 
on such a happy occasion. 
Park City will forever be a special place for us.

The day was beautiful. 
I couldn't resist taking some pictures of my boys. 

Made this delicious fruit tart/pizza. It was a hit. 

My favorite landmark. 
I loved driving by this barn especially in the summer time when the flag is on display. 
Nothing says "america, land of the free" better then this.

Osguthorpe Barn

 off of Kimball Junction

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