Thursday, February 18, 2010

Nasser lately...

I can't believe how fast Will is growing! He is almost 6 months old.
Here are a few things he has been doing.

He loves to chew on his thumbs
He can roll on his tummy and tries to move his legs
but he gets no where
He has been getting super good at grabbing objects .
He is sitting up with out our assistance .
He still sleeps through the night.
He will eat sweet potato, carrots and applesauce but he doesn't like the taste. That's ok, he still has time to learn.
He's still being breastfed.
I tried giving him formula 3 weeks ago so that he could go to class with Kent while I went with Kari (Kent's cousin) to a movie, but he would have it. I guess I'll have to be breastfeeding him till he's closer to one. I wish he would take it once in a while, then I could have a little more free time. But, I know I shouldn't complain. Its good for him and me.
Oh how I love this kid!
He is around 15lbs now and 26 in longs


kim said...

o he is getting so big and cute! i feel ya on the whole free time.. kaden wouldn't take formula either let alone a bottle. so i couldn't leave him with anyone unless i had just fed him. but it does get better! :)
hope you guys are doing good!

autora14 said...

What a cute boy! I can't wait to meet him.

wer said...

What a cutie! I hadn't seen pics of your little guy yet. I think the last time I saw your blog, you were still pregnant. When I want to leave Loch, I just pump before I go. I just can't be gone too long because I get mastitis so easily. I'm glad everything is going well for you! I wish I could see your baby guy in person : )

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