Friday, February 5, 2010

A Love Like This

A love like Carl's and Ellie's is what
I've always dreamed of having. Now I do!

I am always amazed by Pixar and their storytelling skills. Take this montage for example. There's no dialogue or even sound effects, yet it STILL manages to get you completely invested in the story. And there's tears every time we watch it. And this is like, only in the first 10 minutes or so into the movie! We also thought it was appropriate to post because of the coming Valentines Day. I hope you husbands and boyfriends have already ordered your flowers and chocolates.


(make sure to scroll down and pause the music)


autora14 said...

I wish I had a husband or boyfriend! I guess I'll just have to by some chocolates for myself :P

autora14 said...

Oh and I love how someone shoots off a gun at Carl and Ellie's wedding.

Allyssa said...

Awe I love this movie! SO CUTE!! Definantly my life long goal to have me and the hubby end up like this! ♥

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