Friday, May 24, 2013

Summer fun has begun!

Kent is back working on a film. With him being gone, the boys and I find lots of things to do locally to keep busy.

On Friday we went over to Wills preschool for a Nursery Rhyme Party. 
There were different booths set up representing a Nursery Rhyme. 
The first thing W wanted to do once we got there was play on the playground...
He finally shared an interest in the booths after  I convinced him we would get donuts after the party...

Reciting Humpty Dumpty with his teacher Mrs. Deby.

Thursday we went to Pioneer Park by our house.The city built a new splash pad. 
(the water was freezing!) 

Riverwoods outdoor Mall in provo had a splash pad summe party. We went around 5pm and had some fun!

Wouldn't be a Provo party without Ol' Cosmo. 

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