Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sam turned 10 month old!

ok, seriously?! This baby is growing up WAY too fast! 
He has 6 teeth. 
4 on top 2 on bottom.
He still is an amazing sleeper.
He eats everything and anything. 
We discovered that he loves The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cartoon. 
We vacuum every single day because of that. 
Because when big brother makes a mess with his snack, Sam tries to eat it. 
Sam is not your traditional crawler.
 I love that about it. 
Although crawling is suppose to be the next step for a baby, he has figured 
out that there are other ways of getting around. 
He is starting to pull himself up.
taking down our DVD's is his favorite pass time. 
He is a pro t it. 

He mimic everything we do. 
Its the cutest and funniest thing. 
and he knows it too. 

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