Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day couldn't have been sweeter.

Will came home from preschool on Thursday with a sweet mother's day note with his hand print on it. 

Sunday morning started out perfect. 
all of us were ready and on time. 
*rare occasion* 
Sam was a sweet easy baby as usually.
Will actually stayed in Primary!
I got a huge bar of Symphony chocolate from the Elder's Quorum.
I conducted Relief Society and Kent worked on this sweet card for me at the Library.

Guys, that is my senior picture Kent carries around in his wallet. 
He wrote some loving things and surprised me with beautiful cactus and succulents! 
He knows me too well. 

This one is called a Princess...

My beauties which I proudly display on our kitchen window.

Although today was indeed a special day, I have to say that being married to Kent I've always felt this special. 
There is never a moment where he is there to help. 
He never waits for me to ask, he is always there. 

Full of thanks today. 

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