Sunday, July 11, 2010

long over due update

It feels like forever since i last blog. As you know Kent graduated in April and we moved out of our lovely (first home) on the 30th of that month. it was bitter sweet. we had many first in that little house. it was perfect. We moved in to Del Coronado Apt in May as apt. managers. this has been an interesting experience. we are learning so much.  We don't have to pay for rent just utilities. I can't believe how cheap Utah is!!! Gas and electric cost us less then $40. wow. CA doesn't even come close. We manage 20 apts and it feels like almost everyone here had moved out and we are trying to get them all rented. AHHH! it has been stressful. Kent has applied to many and i mean MANY jobs, here and outside of Utah. All of the planned production work has canceled here in Utah and getting a job in the Provo area has become nearly impossible. the good thing is that if he works more then 15 hours in maintenance at the apts, he gets paid for.

He still has yet to hear back from Pixar, Disney Studios, some companies in Carlsbad and ESPN in North Carolina. HE even applied to the Church as a Production Assistant and hasn't heard back. Justin, Kent's cousin who works for the church said it takes about a month or so to get a call back and then a few weeks to go though interviews. 
If we stay in Utah then i will be going back to school to get a bachelor's in Dental Hygiene. Have I ever mentioned how much I love to work with teeth?!! I do. I am obsessed with having clean and healthy teeth. after all a good sign that you are healthy comes from your mouth. so, check a cleaning and check up every 6 months!!

so hear we are learning to be patient and hopeful. its not easy but I am so grateful to have Kent by my side and be the wonderful patriac that he is. We are so blessed to have the families that we do that love us and support us. 

Wish us luck that we may get a call soon. 

Below are some more late post of our San Diego trip back in May.
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