Saturday, October 15, 2011

Week highlights

I though it would be nice to post  a quick recap of our week with pictures.

Monday 10/10/11 Dinner with my friend Cassie.  Mountain West Burritos are the best in town. All ingredients are from local farms. A sign in the shop says they don't even own a can opener.

Tuesday 10/11/11 Finally got my prescription glasses in the mail. I bought them from super cheap and cute, don't you think?

Went with cousin Angela and Kari to see Captain America. It was great having a girls night out!
                                                                  lets do it again!!!

Wednesday 10/12/11
In the morning I went with my friend Susan over to Orem's Fire Station for a fun demonstration of all the stuff Firemen use. Afterwards I went over to her house and helped her prep her house for a film shoot she had scheduled the next day. Hope it all went well Susan?!  but more on Fire Station fun on a later post.

Thursday 10/13/11
I clean out the car today. it felt great. I found so many toys, clean diapers, 4 bags of wipes, pencils, receipts and apples which fell out of a bag. An hour later, strap child in car seat close the sliding door. The car locked automatically and to my surprise, I couldn't find the keys. yup, I locked my child in the car....  After 20 minutes of calling a lock smith and saying that he is in SLC, Cassie on the phone with husband getting instructions on using a wire hanger, calling Kent in a panic, finally calling the police Department. Cop shows up to open the car in less then a minute. during this time Will was looking at a Wall-E sticker book. after 5 minutes he started screaming. He hates to sit idle in the car. after 15 minutes he falls asleep. poor guy! Since I couldn't find the keys in the car after Cop opens it I am convinced Will took them OR I am losing my mind!!   Police officer is kind enough to dumpster dive incase I threw keys with the trash. Finally I remember to say a pray ( thanks to the wise husband talking to me over the phone) and was directed to the CHILD's favorite playing spot of the entire house. yup, Keys were buried with the DVD's. Thanks my sweet innocent child, for this little adventure.

Moral of the story. hang Keys up.

But we ended the day with dinner at Costco with the hubby. woody too. That made all the difference believe it or not.

Friday 10/14/10
I'm making a goal to use the Crock-Pot on the weekends. I signed up to bring dinner to a neighbor today and made a delicious Chicken Teriyaki with Brown rice and Quinoa on the side.

(sorry for the uncooked chicken picture... I forgot to get a picture of the end product)

Meanwhile, I cleaned the house and Will played with this Marvel Heroes Grandma Judy sent him.

Hope you had a wonderful week and that you didn't lock your child in the car like me. ( smile)

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