Friday, May 11, 2012

Samuel, its Daddy's birthday today! 
Mommy is feeling bigger and heavier. Its harder to chase your big brother around. 
Daddy helps mommy so much and sometimes wonders how she got to be so lucky to find such an amazing man.
This week has been super busy for us. We took your brother to a petting zoo, dinosaur museum and we celebrated daddy's birthday. 
Dad thinks mommy is crazy because I can never sit still. I am always rearranging or organizing some room, closet or drawer.  hey, I am just in a nesting phase.
I am constantly picking up after your brother. I think I need to just come to terms that our living room will never be toy free.
Will is such a big helper. He loves to help with laundry, dishes and mopping. I love that he finds it exciting. 
Can't wait to see him help you.
We are planting a few things at a neighbors yard this year. we are super excited to garden. its our first time.  
You love to move around and kick all the time. and I love it. 
I took the Glucose test this week and that orange cold flat stuff   always makes me feel ill. 

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