Monday, May 28, 2012

   8 months pregnant!
Sam you are just getting fat by the minute. 
Doctor says you are going to be BIG! and thinks I shouldn't go past my due date because of that. 
Mommy has only gained 30lbs. REALLY?!
 I feel like I have gained more then that. But the scale doesn't lie. 
I am measuring right at 32 weeks. With your brother I was always measuring way bigger every time I had an appt. 
But with you, I am always right on track. 
You have 8 more weeks or so to get all plump as you want. 
Just don't abuse it.
Mommy is getting tried of picking up after your brother. 
There are toys everywhere. 
Mommies biggest pet peeve is seeing toys in the living room. 
I am learning to just embrace the mess and pick it up at the end of the day. 
I am so happy we are almost at the finish line. 
Although I get tired easily, I am feeling really good. I have so much energy in the morning and that is a huge blessing. by the time daddy comes home from work, I am ready for bedtime. 
When Will naps, I nap. 
The belly is growing and growing. 
I can't reach my feet or see them anymore.
I have heartburn everyday and now I can't sleep at nights.  
Bending down to change Will's diaper is becoming impossible. 
I'm living in skirts and stretchy yoga pants these days oh and sandals. 
Ice and water are my favorite treat everyday. 

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