Monday, June 4, 2012

our little garden

This year our ward is focusing on strengthening the family and becoming self reliant. A few families have offered to share their back yard with other ward families to garden.  This is our very first time gardening and its so exciting!  An elderly sister in our ward kindly let us use her backyard and we are sharing the space with 2 other families. It was a lot of work for Kent to do all by himself. this 8 month pregnant women couldn't bend down and weed or till for very long without getting swollen or just plain exhausted BUT I did help pick out the seeds and plant them. ( ha ha)
Will had a blast playing in the dirt and watching daddy do all the work. between the 3 families we take turns watering the plants. I am so excited for when its time to harvest! I can't wait to see if the watermelon will grow!

This year we started out with: 
Roma tomatoes
Cayenne peppers
gypsy peppers
golden bell peppers
and Cucumber

1 comment:

breanner said...

love it! Just look at your boys working hard in the garden! May all your plants grow good food for you to eat.

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