Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Relief Society Christmas Dinner

Forming Traditions.
I have to say that forming traditions is by far my favorite thing to do with our family.
Even better is combining my family traditions with Kent's. 

One of the best things about being the 2nd counselor in Relief Society, 
is coming up with fun and exciting activities for the sisters.
Last weekend I helped put together our Relief Society Christmas dinner. Some sisters in the ward displayed what they do for Christmas traditions. 
We focused on how to bring Christ into Christmas.
We had a sister talk about how Mary would have prepared for the Saviors birth and how can we prepare ourselves for the Saviors coming and how might we prepare our children for the Savior's birth. 
I loved learning from each sister who shared their family traditions. 

Here are some pictures of that evening.
I forgot to bring my camera and I took pictures after we started taking things down.

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